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Developing Social Currency for Retail Marketing

About the Programme

In today's digital age, with social currency at the core, participants will uncover the art of creating monetary value from their customers, brand, followers, and likes. By harnessing the power of influence and its connection to people's lives, trainees will master effective strategies to cultivate a dedicated following and draw substantial viewership.

Throughout this transformative journey, learners will explore various aspects, including evaluating campaign strategies, bridging the gap to the mass public, and understanding the immense benefits of social currency. Participants will also gain insights into assessing the trendiness of their campaigns, constructing well-organized timelines, and discovering techniques to retain and engage their community. Join us in this empowering course to unlock the full potential of influence in the modern marketing landscape.

Duration:  16 Hours
TPGateway Code: TPG-2023035995
Registered Title: Developing Social Currency for Retail Marketing

This programme is for you if you are a....

A digital marketer on the phone

Digital Marketer

who wants to understand the best ways to connect to an audience through the right ads and campaigns

An entrepreneur handing a customer their purchase


who wants to retain and engage a community in order to keep a consistent following

A marketing manager on the phone

Marketing Manager

who wants to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign in engaging the masses

A content creator doing a product review

Content Creator

who wants to establish a consistent and loyal following

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate your strategy and value of the campaign that is running for a given period of time. The key objective is to generate a following

  • From the campaign objective and goals, how can it tie back to relate to the mass public to draw viewership or following

  • Understand the benefits of having a social currency

  • Is it trendy enough to establish a short term novelity

  • Develop a timeline of life cycle of the campaign

  • What are the strategies to retain and engage your community

Entry Requirements

Singapore/PR Students:

  • Aged 16 years and above AND

  • Possess at least 3 GCE 'O' Level credits with a minimum of C6 including English and Mathematics OR

  • ES WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above OR

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Fashion Technology OR

  •'s Advanced Certificate

International Students:

  • Aged 16 years and above AND

  • High School Diploma equivalent to GCE ‘O’ Levels with minimum grade C6 for 3 subjects, including English and Mathematics AND

  • IELTS score 5.5 or TOEFL score 600

Graduation Requirements

Student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 75% attendance rate of total training hours per module

  • Be found competent during written, practical and oral assessments

Student Pass Holders:

  • a minimum of 90% attendance per month will be required

Items Required For Class

  • You will need a laptop OR computer OR tablet, whichever you prefer, for viewing your E-books and E-Learning.

  • Devices need to have a working camera and a microphone.

Course Fees



Singaporeans 40 & Above:


All Singaporeans & PRs:


International Student:


*All prices are in SGD, inclusive of GST, excluding application fees.

Course Schedules

No Schedule Available

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