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Empowering the Next Leaders of the Retail Industry strives to equip you with the confidence to reach greater heights within the evolving retail landscape

Interested in Corporate Training?

Build your team's skills & knowledge with our face-to-face training in Leadership, Marketing, Data Analytics, and Customer Service

Are you facing these challenges?

Ineffective Digital Marketing

Digital marketing expertise is crucial for setting up a strong omni-channel strategy that works for the business.

Attracting & Retaining Talent

One of the greatest challenges for SMEs is to source, train and retain talent.

Going Digital

It can be a struggle for businesses that are primarily physical to go digital and efficiently adapt to the digital world.

Growth Planning

Leaders seek growth and change but do not know how to get there based on the current skillset of the team.

Operational Inefficiencies

A lack in ability to facilitate data collection and consolidation results in an inability to make better decisions.

Job Role Misfit

Knowing how to re-design job roles to fit the new demand and talent in the post-covid world will affect your hires greatly.

Stand out in the world of retail has curated a specialised line of courses under 4 core specialities to help individuals and companies stay ahead of the curve

Different types of digital marketing interations

Digital Marketing

​​Unlock Retail Success with our Dynamic Marketing Courses! Elevate your brand's online presence and drive exponential growth. Our expert-led courses cover diverse aspects: from mastering digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and TikTok, to cultivating social currency, inbound marketing, SEM, and more. Join us to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and tap into the $4.2 trillion e-commerce market. 92% of businesses report improved lead generation through digital marketing. Don't miss out on this opportunity for unparalleled expansion!

Available Subsidies

Up to 70% Funding
SkillsFuture Funding

If you are a Singaporean or PR aged 21 and above, you can enjoy subsidies up to 70% of the course fee.


If your course fee is $1000, you only have to pay $300, not including the GST and application fee.

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